St John's College

John’s is a large and supportive college with a significant number of medics (around 17 per year as well as 2/3 vets) and it’s nice to have lots of medic friends to share your enthusiasm with when it’s going well, and to lament with when it isn’t.

We have a very active medical society, which runs a number of social events as well as an annual dinner and garden party - in addition to termly talks that help students to expand their horizons and engage in various medical topics and career options.

John’s also has an impressive set of medical fellows and supervisors who will support you through your time here.

Being one of the oldest and wealthiest colleges in Cambridge makes John’s a great place to live as well as study. Johnians can enjoy some great Hall food, good (free) gym and laundry facilities, a well stocked 24/7 library, good value accommodation and a stunning college environment with its distinctive Chapel tower and expansive backs by the river. Not to mention that John’s hosts one of the most luxurious May Balls!

As well as this, students have access to a large array of funds including the generous Learning Resources Fund as well as annual travel and research grants.

For more information, have a look at the Official St. John’s Website, come to one of the college open days, or feel free to email any of the committee!