The Constitution

1 Name

The Society shall be called "St. John's College Medical Society".

2 Membership

Membership of the society shall be free and automatic to the following groups:

3 Objects and Vision of the Society

The vision of the Society is:

In pursuit of this vision the Society shall:

4 The Committee

The Committee of the Society shall consist of the following positions:

In addition, if no position on the committee is held by a veterinary student, an additional position of Veterinary Representative shall be filled by a veterinary student, with the purpose of maintaining representation of veterinary members at committee meetings. Committee members should be willing to commit to the duties of their position and a share of the tasks not specific to any committee member, as agreed at committee meetings.

5 Election of the Committee

All positions on the Committee shall be held by current members of the Society for the period of one year, with the exception of the Senior Treasurer, who shall hold office until choosing to resign. At this point, another fellow shall be asked to take the role at the discretion of the Committee. The Committee will change at the end of each academic year. At this point, the Secretary and Treasurer shall become the President and Vice-President, respectively, for the following year. All other positions – Secretary, Treasurer, Communications Officer and Social Secretaries – shall be newly elected from first year members of the society during Easter full term. All first year students shall be free to nominate themselves and/or their peers for specific committee positions, by email, during a seven-day period of nomination. The outgoing committee shall make appointments on the basis of these nominations and the results of the election shall be announced at the Annual General Meeting.

6 Admission to Society Events

Entry to talks and events shall be made open and free to all interested members of the University and their guests. Entry to advice evenings, social events and annual Society events shall be open to Society members only. Other parties may attend these events at the discretion of the committee, for instance former members of the Society.

7 Essay Prize

The essay prize shall be an annual prize open to all current undergraduate Medical and Veterinary students run over the Christmas holiday. Entries shall be judged by a panel of Medical and Veterinary College Fellows and shall be subject to criteria and rules of submission set by the panel. There shall be a choice of two essay questions, set by the judging panel. The topics encompassed shall be broad and accessible to all undergraduate students, irrespective of subject or year of study. The winner of the prize shall be awarded £100, funded by the Society, and shall be announced at the Society Annual Dinner.

8 Open Meetings

The committee shall aim to hold an Open Meeting at the beginning of each term, which all members may attend, with the purpose of discussing the needs and expectations of the current members with respect to the Society and its endeavours.

9 General Meetings

The Society will hold an Annual General Meeting each year during Easter full term. General meetings may be attended by all members of the society, and by others only at the discretion of the committee. The AGM should include reports from the departing President and Treasurer on important business of the Society since that last AGM and should also identify goals and changes for the Society for the following year. The AGM will include the announcement of the newly elected committee, as stated earlier. Matters debated at General Meetings will be decided by vote. All members present shall be entitled to a vote and the highest voted option will be agreed.

10 Amendments and Interpretation

Any amendment to this constitution should be proposed at a General Meeting of the Society and should pass only if it is supported by two thirds of the members present at the meeting. Notice of any proposed amendment should be made to the committee in advance of the meeting. If any dispute arises about the interpretation of this constitution, an appeal should be made to the Senior Treasurer for a ruling on the meaning of the section in question, and his/her decision shall be final.